Monday, May 24, 2010

Ratlings for the LotD (Part 1)

Thanks to a small find at the last yard sale at the battle bunker I got a blister of Chaos Squats. These guys come with their own cult mutation from each chaos power. So I thought why not work them into my legion army as counts as ratlings. They are short and give them a sniper rifle and they are good to go. So I’ve begun the process of converting these guys into a sniper unit for my LotD forces. With 6 models to work with, I have enough to make a decent size squad of snipers that can make any unit have a bad day. I have begun building some of them and giving them arms, as I finish the painting on some of them, I will give them their weapons and other arms. I think this will make for a neat unit that will add more chaos character to the army!

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Old Shatter Hands said...

hey if you want more of these I have a couple. real cheap (as in basically free). pm me on IC forums