Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fortress of Arrogance

The Fortress of Arrogance project began right after I finished working on models for this years Games Day Big Battle event. I was still on a Super Heavy high so to say, and I started putting in time with the Subjugator and the Fortress at the same time. This isn't my first character tank for Apocalypse, because when the Baneblade first came out I converted the tank into a variant of the Imperial Armor Maximillian Weismann tank. I like the character and the firepower it came with along with Ballistic 4, can't go wrong there. I also like the idea of an Ace style tank so I converted mine to fit with my Tallarn army but using the same stats as the Max W tank. So I sought out another BS4 tank to build.

My Tallarn Max W variant and Lucky 13th Shadowsword

I've always like the Fortress, but building the turret and murals on it always stopped me from attempting to build it. I chose to scrap the mural idea, there was no way I was going to get close to that. The turret was another problem, but after a few builds before it, my skills with plasticard and greenstuff were much better now. So I was ready for a step up to something bigger and more challenging. Most of the building was straight forward, but building the pulpit for Yarrick took some work, and then came the painting. I had to paint every rivet on that tank gold....ARGH! It took me a few days, and most of my sanity to sit there and dot every little rivet on that tank gold. In the end there are only 4 rivets I didn't paint, which are well hidden and no one noticed, other then that every rivet has some gold plating on it. I also moved the HK Rocket to the front of the tank, I didn't like the position in the GW version. The mural area I left empty, I was going to attempt to write the name of the tank there, but changed my mind and left it blank. Besides with all that gold who would notice right....Since I did this on the fly and very quick I didn't get any pics during the build, but here are some after its all done and ready for battle.

OOOOOO!! So much Gold!

Yarrick reaching out and touching someone....

Off to battle we go....

That's all for now.....I'm thinking of building an Iron Saint Tallarn version tank next time...For now no more gold for least for a little while....Enjoy!


Scott said...

Dude, that is AWESOME! I was given a baneblade for xmas and going to attempt building the fortress of arrogance, if it turns out remotely as good as yours I'll be totally stoked!


CylonDave said...

Good luck on your build dude, this was one of the most fun projects I have ever converted. It's easly one of my fave tanks in my collection, and the uniqueness of the model is cool. Looking forward to seeing your results.