Thursday, August 20, 2009

Command of the Legion of the Dragon

Arkos forces also comprise of another force outside of his Space Marines. A division of elite army forces called The Legion of the Dragon. Originally created during the days of the great crusade, the LotD fist started out as a force of operatives working behind the lines of non Alpha Legion forces. The members of this force often trained alongside their Marine allies, learning all the lessons of covert ops from experienced Alpha Legion commanders. Often employed as spies and saboteurs, the LotD was an essential tool of the Alpha Legion in many theaters of war. With the coming of the Heresy, the High Command reworked the LotD into a larger fighting force to support Alpha Legion operations in the field as well as behind enemy lines. No longer having access to the Imperial Army, the High Command began a crash course and building its own version of an auxiliary army. The LotD is formed along similar lines to the IG of the imperium. Smaller in size the LotD is still large enough to mount full planetary invasions, should it be needed. The current size of the LotD is unknown, only members of the High Command have access to such information. Alpha Legion commanders can count on LotD support when needed.

Commanders Codename: Alpha Commander Gato "Ripper"
Warband: 901st Legion of the Dragon "Dark Vipers"
History: The 901st has been attached to Arkos forces for several years, often operating in the same sector as the Faithless in smaller detachments thru out several worlds. The Dark Vipers are experts in small unit operations behind enemy lines, raising rebellion, or build Alpha Legion cells in support of Faithless operations. The last time the entire regiment fought together was during the rescue of Lord Bruticus annihilation force. The entire regiment was sent in to help with evacuation of the outpost, and to hold back the Nid incursion.

Commander Gato under construction, we can make him better, we have the technology! Off comes the Plasma Pistol from the awesome FW Renegade Commander model and on goes the Bolt Pistol.

2 Minions in the Army HQ Squad under construction.

A finished shot of Commander Gato, with his faithful pet Ravage.

The Army HQ command Squad.....

The Army HQ Squad is also joined by a Rogue Psyker(Psyker Primaris), trained by the Alpha Legions sorcerers in the powers of the warp.


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