Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Update: Hive Fleet Eclipse

Well it's a whole new month, and last month was a great success when it came to this army, I was able to paint and finish a full legal army technically. So with coming out of a month like May, I am going to take it easy and push to get more of the smaller bugs that make up my list finished. I figure in a month or so I could punch out all of these guys and put a major dent in my nid backlog. So it's going to be a Gaunt June!

Spinegants....Termagants....Hormagaunts....Ripper Swarms..Oh My!

Bonus Bugs! How about an Alpha Warrior and another Fex!

Enjoy! =)


deathkorps said...

That's gotta feel good- getting so much done

Anonymous said...

It does indeed! Now I have to finish off the other half....and keep the ball rolling! :)