Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tyranids: Ripper Swarms

Now that's a Ripper Swarm!!!

When I first started collecting this army, I never thought about using ripper swarms, mostly because there were other better choices and modeling 3 rippers on a base didn't seem like a swarm to me. Then Forge World went and created these sweet models, and now I have ripper swarms as I envisioned them! These are some of FW's best creations for the nid line, they were a blast to paint. Let me know what you think!?

Num...Num...Num....Enjoy! :)


deathkorps said...

You can't beat those FW Ripper Swarms, especially when they're nicely painted like this! :)

CylonDave said...

Thanks! The FW Fan in me couldn't pass these that's what ripper swarms are suppose to look like ;)