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W7&8 Escalation League Battle Report: The Final 2K and Bonus Battles

Weeks 7 and 8 would see the final round of the league, and the biggest battles to be had. At 2K each the battles were full blown carnage for all the members in the league. Although for me it was a bit of disappointment since both of my games ended in forfeit for both of my opponents. This still didn’t prevent me from getting my 2K list into battles with the bonus games of the league. So here is a summery of the last 2 weeks games and the bonus games….

Week 7: This week was a total forfeit, with my opponent not responding to my request to get our game in. This was not something that happened to me, but also to several other members in the League. In the end it was agreed by the league officials that all games from this person not already played by the end of the league would be considered his forfeit and the win would go to the opponent(Me!). So this ended up being a victory for me with no effort on the part of the Daemon forces.

Winner: Chaos Daemons

Week 8: The next battle was against a different army from my other battles. The Necrons show up to make a showing in a 2K battle. The game was First Contact mission out of the battle missions book. We ran it for roughly 3 turns, and then my opponent gave in. The game was a good give and take for the first 2 turns, then I slowly began to turn the game in my favor when my flesh hounds made an enterence and began to push on one of the few objectives he held whole. This gave allowed me to test the army out on yet another different army in 40K, and also give me a chance to try another battle missions book mission which was a bit chaotic.

The Necron await the daemonic assault

Enter nurgles big boys

Nurgle unleashed on all!

Reinforcement from the Warp!

Chaos Daemons turning the tide!

Final Score:
Dave/Chaos Daemons:
Josh/Necrons: *Forfeit*

Winner: Chaos Daemons

The Bonus game system worked into the league was one of a number of events connected to the league to achieve extra points in your standings. In this system, we were allowed to play 5 extra games each counting for 2 points per game. This way you could play other members of the league you were not scheduled to play in the regular weekly schedule, while getting extra points. The results of these battles did not count and win or lose you still earned 2 points per battle. The total number of points for bonus games being 10 earned you basically another extra win to your standing score. I was able to get 3 bonus games in during my time in the league. This also gave me a chance to try out my 2K list in 2 games which was more then I got in my regular scheduled games, not to mention trying out more missions from the Battle Missions book.

Bonus Game 1: This game challenged me against another race I hadn’t fought in the regular battles. Orks, were going to be my choice for the league but I changed to Daemons instead since I was close to finishing them and I wanted to learn how to use the army, instead of starting from the bottom up. The game was another battle missions game, this time it was Scorched Earth, a CSM mission. The battle was a nasty grudge match of two mobs getting down and dirty. Problem was he had a squad of nob bikers that were eating up my units wholesale each turn. Although I did frustrate him with my nurgle forces, since they seem to never go down. This allowed my khorne forces to enter the battle, but they were out shot in the end. It was massive fight of who could throw the most dice on the table and who could make the saves. In the end the ork attrition caught up to me, and ran out of units to throw at those bikes. We ran out of time with the Orks taking the win.

Da Orks prepare to unleash the WAAAAAGHH!!!

Final Score:
Dave/Chaos Daemons: 0 Objectives
Jon/Orks: 2 Objectives

Winner: Orks

Bonus Game 2: This game was a group battle where several members of the league fought during our monthly club gathering. A 3K points battle per side pitting 2 Imperial Guard Armies vs. Emperors Children CSM, Chaos Daemons, and Orks. While 3 members controlled the guard side we had 3 members running 1K point armies for the forces of chaos on our side. The choice of Battle Mission this time was Wave Assault. An interesting mission that kind of played out very cinematic in the end, since the guard players took the defensive spot, and our 3 chaos/ork armies formed the 3 waves of the assault. First the Emperors Children went in from the right side, then my Daemons deepstriking from the center, and finally the Orks in wave 3 from the left. My most memorable moment had to be when a unit of 10 plaguebearers dropped in the middle of the guard line and almost every weapon was fired on them, and I took ZERO losses from all this fire. With FNP and cover saves, the number of crazy saves I made with this unit was awesome! The battle was a lot of fun for all involved, and at the end the forces of chaos controlled the outer objectives while the guard took the middle and center objectives for a tie score.

The battlefield is prepared for the megabattle

The Guard await the coming waves of assault from the forces of disorder

Daemons Assault!

Final Score:
Dave, Jon, and Mike(Cuban)/Chaos Daemons, Emp. Children CSM, and Orks: 2 Objectives
Mike, Eric, and Jim/Imperial Guard: 2 Objectives

Winner: Tie

Bonus Game 3: This game brought back Felix for another round of combat at 2K. Once again his Catachans faced off against my Daemons in another slugfest of slaughter. In this final battle of the league for me, we played yet another battle missions game, the Dawn Raid from the DE section. I took a moment this time to help Felix learn the ins and outs of guard gaming. He is fairly new, and I took the time to help him better use his guard army, of course we were still playing a game so I still went after him with the intent to win, but there is always time to help tutor a new player when possible. The game went fairly well for the few turns we played before the store closed. He made some good choices in fire discapline that cost me my big unit of blood letters, but my forces were closing in for the objectives. We got in about 4 turns before we had to call it quits, but had the game run another whole turn, I think the score would have been more 3-0 in my favor for objectives instead of 1-1 which we agreed in the end.

Final Score:
Dave /Chaos Daemons: 1 Objective
Felix/Imperial Guard: 1 Objective

Winner: Tie

Final Thoughts: This was a whirlwind of battles fought in a 2 week span that was a lot of fun. While I had one more battle lined up for the bonus games against some Imperial Fist marines, we never got the chance and ran out of time to get the battle in. I’m sure my Daemons will see those Fists sometime in the future on another battlefield. I did enjoy all the games I got to play, even the partial one, with the chance to try out some of the missions from the Battle Missions book for the first time since it came out. A lot of the missions had some wacky rules, but they weren’t game changing events that ruin the fun of the game. I think I will be trying out more missions in the future since I had a good time trying some out.

The Final Tally: Well its been a few weeks now and the league is over. The final standings have been posted, and out of 13 players I ranked 4th with a record of 5-2. Not too bad for an army I had little experince with before. On top of this I have finished a fully painted and based 2K army for my efforts now, so I am very happy with the results of my experince in this league. I will continue to add more to this army, as my back log of deamonic forces is still considerable with a few Forge World goodies to add on.

Enjoy! :)

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