Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dark Eldar: Drazhar

Let me start off with a recently finished HQ choice, Drazhar! Simply put he is a super ninja crazy character for any DE Army. His rules appealed to me, and I wanted to have at least one good close combat unit in the game besides all the shooting and venom's. I have already used him a few games of the new Zone Mortalis expansion and he is just a lot of fun to see him ninja anyone in his way. While I already have an Archon for an HQ choice this character allows me to use an HQ who can hold his own alone in a battle.

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Sean said...

I love Drahzar. One of my favorite GW models even with how old it is. Also one of the coolest characters rules and story wise in the book.

I use him a lot, and he never lets me down.