Friday, October 14, 2011

Tyranids: Deathleaper

This is my first Nid Special Character model. The Deathleaper never caught my eye as much as the Red Terror did in the past, but when this bug became part of the regular codex I got one to try it out. So far he has seen action in one battle and died a brave bug to Tau Commander Farsight. I will have to keep trying him in other games when I have the space and points to deploy it. This bug will be the top bug of my new Lictor force now. It was a fun side paint project at least, maybe next time around they will bring back the Red Terror.....

Enjoy! :)


AbusePuppy said...

Part of the key to success with Deathleaper is managing his position- he's VERY hard to shoot from outside of ~14" due to needing to roll Night Fighting (and halving the distance) to see him, and units that try to move in close have to deal with only rolling d6 for Difficult Terrain. Add in Hit and Run and the ability to vanish from the board and you have a truly irritating model to get rid of in many cases- and if the enemy directs major firepower at him, you can always Go to Ground for a 2+ cover save.

He is also excellent for late-game contesting of objectives when you are going second, as he can vanish on T4 and arrive just in time to spoil everyone's party. WS9 gives him a bit of extra survivability in CC, as most everything will hit him on 5s.

I like the look of your rendition, the blending on the claws came out quite well. Hope you have some better luck with him in the future.

CylonDave said...

Thanks for the response Puppy! Your feedback on using the leaper is very useful. Thanks!