Monday, July 25, 2011

Tyranids: Spinefist Termagant Brood

This is my second part to the Termagant force. This time all the little buggers have Spinefist. While not as effective as before give them the poison upgrade and an alpha warrior with the same load out and watch your enemies drop like flies. Who is going to say no to a twin linked BS 6 poison shot, oh yeah! These guys are going to be a fun surprise for anyone looking to take down a simple meat shield. These guys started as a random force of just a few similar models I had picked up in an auction buy. When I finally came around to working on these guys I liked the idea of the super shooty poison bugs. So here we are, another simple and fun unit to add more mass to my growing swarm and a little surprise to boot too! FIRE!!!

Enjoy! :)

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Anonymous said...

Termagaunts do not get the bonus from a tyranid prime. That bonus is only applicable to other warrior units. Nice try though. Termagaunts are a good cheap screening unit though.