Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gamesday Baltimore 2010

Well Gamesday USA has come and gone...WHEW! I've been a bit quiet with my post on this blog because of the work I have been putting into Gamesday for my local club. I was asked to build and paint a 2K Valhallan IG Army for our 40K even the Hunt for the Red Orktoba. I can say that the mission was accomplished with a few days to spare, I am not a quick painter but to crank out almost 140 models in 2 and a half months is a miracle for me!

Still I had a blast at Gamesday this year running the Chaos vs Imperial Aeronautica Imperialis event for the club. The table was non stop air to air warfare all day long. In the end the forces of chaos were pushed back and the imperials were able to disable a chaos Landcarrier in the event!

Well what does this mean for the means I'M BACK!!! Given a few weeks to recover from my paint fest I will be back on the saddle and working my chaotic force ready for the next great invasion! The Anarchy's Heart is out of the Warp and looking for its next target!


Enjoy! =)

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