Sunday, July 11, 2010

Anarchy's Heart has a new title banner!

For a long time I have just had a basic title for the top of this blog. Recently I gave some thought to seeking out someone with some art and GFX skills that might be able to get me a nifty banner for the blog. So I had the luck of finding out one of my many minions friends on 40KOnline was offering to test his skills, so I gave him a shot at the Anarchy's Heart! I think he hit it on the mark for this one! Thanks for the help Markay, here is his 40KOnline link if anyone is interested, and his Email for direct contact if anyone is looking for some great GFX help. Us Renegade Players gotta stick together! ;)


1 comment:

alexofcharmcity said...

The new banner does look pretty cool